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Massive Dungeons

Explore our masssive 60 floor dungeons with up to 5 friends or by yourself and defeat powerful bosses to gain many great rewards.

Co-op Gameplay

Play together with a friend or someone random in our Co-Op slayer, or take on our hardest bosses for the best gear in the game with multiple people.

Epic Loot

Many great tresures and other rewards await you around DestinyPS, whether it be near sand, oceans, or mountains. Explore everywhere!


Make bank with over 500+ custom items.

Active Staff

We have the most active staff to help you with anything you need.

Unique PVM

Train on a vast playing field with rare drops at reasonable rates.

24/7 Host

Our VPS service allows us to keep the server up 24/7.


We have a number of bosses for aall of your grinding needs.

Active Community

We have the most active community for more player interaction.

Unique Raid

A completely custom raid that has never been seen before.

Squeal of Fortune

Ever wanted to win big on the Squeal of Fortune? Now you can.