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    • just make droprate hard on infernal cape, and make it customized to fit in the server  
    • i like the infernal cape although the tokhar kal is in the game and the bonuses on them are next to none compared to the basic capes in game so unfortunatelly it would be dead content just for the fact it would be incredibly easy to get with the massive drop rates out there
    • hello. i joined to server lately and i noticed theres no infernal cape ? i was thinking if u want to add it. was thinking like wildywyrm boss which drops infernal stone/ infernal gem to be used on some cape or crafted to a infernal cape. let me know what u thinking
    • Normal player monsters train = 2x 1b
      sonic = 6x 1b
      rings = 0x money
      mojo = 10x 1b
      pelican torva = 4x 2b
      rookie = 4x 2b
      viking torva = 2x 2b
      crimson torva = 4x 2b
      wargod = 6x 2b
      playdoh = 6x 2b
      cryptic = 4x 2b
      orange juice = 5x 2b
      virus = 10x 1b
      minigun = 18x 1b
      Aiyana = 0x money
      Dragon slayer = 20x 1b
      Dragon fire = 45x 1b
      Petbox = 2x 2b
      hope chest = 2x 2b
      Hooker = 15x 1b
      Ditem = 15x 1b
      Nice torva = 5x 2b
      American torva = 5x 2b
      Ares = 5x 2b
      Nation torvas = 25x 1b
      Wings = 0x money
      slag = 45x 1b
      venum = 45x 1b 1bhp = 0x money Donation monsters Chaseblade = 5x 2b Super donator monsters White blue torva = 5x 2b
      Hell = 0x money Sponsor monsters Matt = 30x 1b
      Voodoo wizards = 30x 1b
      Planefreezer = 0x money   There are some teleports that are not listed because at the time of the collection i missed them or they where not functional at the time.
    • no worries i you need staff in future just let me know