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  1. Armor / Weapon Guide!

    Great guide, thanks for contributing to helping the community! - Fade
  2. 1BHP Mass

    Hello, Destiny Community! Tomorrow is gonna be a 1BHP Mass Event! everyone be sure to get online, i will be recording it. 3 videos should be posted tomorrow, including (Mass Event, Loot from 1 hour, Beginners Guide) Have a great day! - Fade
  3. BungSnacks Intro

    Little late, but welcome to the community
  4. Kamikaze's introduction.

    Little late, but welcome to the community!
  5. 300 Chest Unboxing | GIVEAWAY

    Hey Destiny Community, i have recently posted a video on a 300 chest unboxing i would appreciate, if everyone would go and check it out! Also be sure to enter in the donator giveaway, winners will be chosen next video! - Fade Youtube Link -