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  1. aadamiantizz staff application

    Thank you for the application. But I am sorry to say I am not currently looking for a staff member.
  2. snooperal staff application

    would recommend 100% lawl
  3. Casper staff app

    The trolls man the trolls
  4. My graphics :)

    Hey there. These look amazing! Keep up the great work! Love to see more of these in the future
  5. 100 Pet Box Opening + Pet Giveaway

    Great video! Keep up the amazing work.
  6. This Update log is for all the update information posted in discord. This has been about a Month worth of updates. Reworked 1B shop Reworked Donation Shop in game Renamed everything to DestinyPS Removed Venum Hammer as a drop. Need to buy it once at 1B shop Updated images New interfaces Added ::bonezone - Each kill drops a Frost Dragon Bone changed ::diem - Dubby's Sword Removed all shop items. (Reworking them) Removed Mokran armour from ::train Made a new home Some staff spots are being switched around. Hatedxf is getting premoted to head administrator Xeed is being removed as a staff member Range Rover is now a Helper Moogz is now a Helper Made adminstrators able to trade but not spwan Changed ::petbox requirement to 2k kills (was 6k) Lowered the droprate for ::petbox to 1:400 (was 1:800) the droprate tickets now give 50% droprate changed the time so you can use multiple tickets Donation shop @home is finished Added Demonic Bow to ::adzone Removed Venum hammer from drop at ::venum Need to buy a Venum hammer from 1B shop removed the message you get about your droprate working on a new command called ::droprate to see what your total droprate is added ::toggleticket for toggling ticket messages. added a login message for a player who logged in for the first time fixed donation shop in game to have proper prices added in rank boxes into ingame donation shop Reworked ::yell titles Rework Barrows minigame rewards Added a News trivia Changed the barrows minigame announcement Fixed barrows minimap freezing ::settag (1-12) now fully works for donator+ New interface https://gyazo.com/5d56419ba0f257159c495c963fc278a4 Added Prestiging Each prestige gives 2% droprate (20% MAX) Each prestige gives 100b per prestige level GFX when you prestige https://gyazo.com/f43aaa0c504247b57b2724ceefb158d9 added a time played on your infomation tab. Changed the "Smoke Rush" magic ability in ancients magic book to "Lighting Rush" Click on autocast when Polypore Staff is equipped and autocast "Lighting Rush" Added Polypore Staff to 1b shop Use 1000 orbs of light (obtained from thieving on the 2nd last stall) Use 1k orbs on Polypore Staff to obtain the upgraded version. Polypore Staff (i) Changed thieving xp rate (was 40 now 65) Changed attack xp rates(melee 1400 range 1400 magic 1700, now all 1000) Polypore Staff now has 5% droprate (5k magic bounces) Polypore Staff (i) now has 15% droprate (10k magic bounces) Special thanks to Kamikaze for the help with these updates.
  7. Range Rover Staff Application

    Welcome to the team. You have been giving Helper status.
  8. Moogz Staff Application

    Thank you for the staff application. You will receive Helper rank as a test and we will talk further from there.
  9. Range Rover Staff Application

    Thank you for the application. Please give us a day or so and we will let you know.
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  11. UPDATE LOG [11] Fixed armor sets Fixed Drygore 2H to have proper stance still working on attack and block emote Owners Cape is now Untradeable Fixed the "First to type" yell announcement Fixed Owners Chest Fixed Corrupted Chest Fixed Cash Chest Matt now drops Platebody and Helm Fixed Matt Tzhaar to be a cape Chaseblade now drops Wings Changed all Miniguns to be proper range weapons Fixed minigun range damage Made Exchanges for 1B and 2B tickets Added New armor set into Hope chest (Drygore Armor + 2H)
  12. Redragon309's Staff Application

    Congratulations and welcome to the team! You have received a 1 week trial. No leans or reports against you and you shall remain as a Moderator.
  13. Redragon309's Staff Application

    Thank you for the application! I will talk a talk to the rest of my staff and get back to you.
  14. Armor / Weapon Guide!

    Good work as allways HatedxF!
  15. whitesmokes support application

    You will be on a 1 week trial for a moderator spot. No reports against you. You will have the rank permently. Welcome to the team!