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  1. infernal cape

    i like the infernal cape although the tokhar kal is in the game and the bonuses on them are next to none compared to the basic capes in game so unfortunatelly it would be dead content just for the fact it would be incredibly easy to get with the massive drop rates out there
  2. aadamiantizz staff application

    no worries i you need staff in future just let me know
  3. aadamiantizz staff application

    Name: adam In-Game Username: adaminatizz Age: 25 Country & Timezone (Include GMT): england (gmt +0) Average time played per day? 5-8 hours (although available 24/7) What days of the week are you available to play? 7 When did you join DestinyPS? very recently approx 3 days Have you had any breaks from playing the server since joining? no What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community? ive been moderator on 2 servers and server support on one these servers are moderator: novusscape and zepsity server support: draynor ps Why do you want to be a DestinyPS staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? im on pretty much all the time and im more than well equipped to sort out any problems that may arise whenever. im always professional when it comes to sorting problems/conflicts. i believe i can bring a constant upbeat attitude to the server. What are the top 5 qualities that you think a DestinyPS staff member should have? personally i believe all you need is to be patient when it comes to handling people you need to have a good knowledge of the game must never rush any decisions that have been made be nice its the most important thing respect all players whether new or veteran If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play? yes the server is in need of a lot of work and ill enjoy watching the progress as it comes along Tell us about yourself (hobbies, occupation etc): not much to know im a roofer by trade but as of the moment im a full time single dad which gives me a lot of time to play and or sort out problems If you were given a helper rank- What would you do if you saw someone spamming? politely ask them to stop spamming give them two warnings and if it still continues they would be muted for an hour What would you do if someone was flaming a player? flaming is expected in any server although its a big problem id like to find out why the person in question is flaming and would check if the other player was doing the same if not the player would be warned to stop if they persisted they would be muted until a higher member of staff approves them to be unmuted What would you do if someone was flaming a staff member? nothing different to this one as if someone was flaming another player we are all the same on here so cant be given any special treatments for being staff What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on the forums/ discord? the comments would be removed promptly warnings given given the rank would be high enough and they didn't stop they would be forum banned What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items? this is a tricky one firstly if i was informed id ask for proof of this after that i would send a message via yell that a dupe is active and anyone who has abused it should give there items directly to me to be destroyed. this is obviously without revealing the dupe i would warn that anyone abusing this further would be ip banned without hesitation as it would ruin the economy of the server potentially. i would also at the same time try and get to the origin of the dupe who started it if you find that you find the person who spread it in that case he would be jailed until a higher ranking staff decides what to do.