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Money per mob

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Normal player monsters

train = 2x 1b
sonic = 6x 1b
rings = 0x money
mojo = 10x 1b
pelican torva = 4x 2b
rookie = 4x 2b
viking torva = 2x 2b
crimson torva = 4x 2b
wargod = 6x 2b
playdoh = 6x 2b
cryptic = 4x 2b
orange juice = 5x 2b
virus = 10x 1b
minigun = 18x 1b
Aiyana = 0x money
Dragon slayer = 20x 1b
Dragon fire = 45x 1b
Petbox = 2x 2b
hope chest = 2x 2b
Hooker = 15x 1b
Ditem = 15x 1b
Nice torva = 5x 2b
American torva = 5x 2b
Ares = 5x 2b
Nation torvas = 25x 1b
Wings = 0x money
slag = 45x 1b
venum = 45x 1b

1bhp = 0x money

Donation monsters

Chaseblade = 5x 2b

Super donator monsters

White blue torva = 5x 2b
Hell = 0x money

Sponsor monsters

Matt = 30x 1b
Voodoo wizards = 30x 1b
Planefreezer = 0x money


There are some teleports that are not listed because at the time of the collection i missed them or they where not functional at the time.

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